Skye Fine Wines

Collection, Delivery & Availability

Collection: You are welcome to come to Coruisk House to collect your wine in person. We are generally available between 10 am and 4pm most days, so contact us to arrange a time to ensure that we are here to meet you – especially during the late Autumn and Winter when Coruisk House may be closed for the season. While planning your collection, make sure you allow a few minutes to take in the magnificent view from Elgol Harbour, or better still book a table in our restaurant

Delivery: The delivery option allows for delivery by local courier. They deliver around the Highlands on average twice per week so that delivery times may vary from 2 days to a week depending on when the order was placed and processed, our stocks and your location. If you have a specific timescale or deadline in mind, please speak to us so that we can advise as to whether we can meet it. Also please note any specific delivery instructions or advice for the driver, especially if the delivery address is for a holiday visit or for some other reason it is not your usual home address.

Availability: if a particular wine is out of stock we will normally be able to restock within a matter of a few days and can advise you about that if necessary. If a particular wine may take longer to obtain, or is out of stock permanently with us and our own suppliers, as can happen especially in the case of some of the finer wines or particular vintages, we will advise you as soon as we can. In many cases we will be able to advise you as to whether a different vintage might be suitable, or an equivalent wine, or if needs be arrange an appropriate refund.

Other wines: We have set out online what we hope is an enticing selection of our burgundies and other wines from our list. However;

● For the real enthusiast, we have more burgundies and other fine wines available, including some that we are “laying down” for future use, or can source other special wines for you; or on the other hand
● You might have a need for something simpler or perhaps have a specific budget, maybe for a wedding or other event.

In either case, feel free to drop us a line and we would be very happy to go through the rest of our list or do whatever we can to help or source other wines.

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